FY 2012/2013 Renewal Application


A vision is a descriptive statement about the desired the state of your organization and its work at a future point in time. What do you want to become? What do you want to be doing? A vision is not concerned with the how or why but is more focused on the what. Be descriptive, be bold, be inspiring but also be practical. A vision that isn't realistic makes it hard to motivate people to support.
Obstacles are not abstract like "money" but rather they are concrete barriers to moving forward such as poor grant-writing skills and under-utilization of volunteer energy. These should not be "prescriptive" but rather descriptive - help us understand your challenges.
Strategies should not be confused with "tactics" which are specific actions. For example, a workshop on land reform is a tactic that is part of a larger strategy of community outreach.


Please take this opportunity to inform us about your fundraising plans for the coming year.

Budgeted Income

Please make an informed and practical estimate of your income for the coming year. Make sure it takes it's linked to your fundraising plan, time commitments, and past fundraising results.
Calculated automatically
What specific training, support or tools do you need to make your fundraising plan a success?