Appropriate Technology

The Appropriate Technology Library

Village Earth is the publisher of the world’s largest, most compact, and  most comprehensive Appropriate Technology Library. With the complete text and graphics from 1,050 of the best do-it-yourself books all on DVD or CD-ROM. The Appropriate Technology library is a life-giving resource for communities without access to appropriate technology information. All Village Earth affiliates receive a copy of the complete AT Library. We also give discounts to nonprofit and private voluntary organizations, and individuals from cash-poor countries.

The Appropriate Technology Sourcebook

The Appropriate Technology Sourcebook is the official index for the AT Library with detailed descriptions of every book contained within the AT Library. It’s a great resource in itself, providing detailed descriptions of Appropriate Technologies and their implementation around the world. Village Earth has made this resources available online for free.

The Village Earth Document Discovery Program

Access to the latest research and information can be challenging for grassroots organizations around the globe. Village Earth, based at Colorado State University, has access to one of the top research libraries in the United States with over 1.5 million volumes, thousands of print and online journals, and one of the best inter-library loan programs in the country. Village Earth provides free document discovery services for our affiliates.

Village Earth’s Videos and Publications

Village Earth has developed specialized facilitation and trainings that empower communities to frame their own message and produce their own media to project that message to the world. Many of the community-films we have helped produce are available on our channel on However, if you would like to order a higher quality DVD please visit our  online video and publications store.

The Appropriate Technology Wiki

Village Earth developed the first Wiki devoted to collaboration on and sharing of appropriate technologies. We’ve since merged this project with Please visit the site and contribute.