Appropriate Technology Library

The most comprehensive, compact, and cost effective appropriate technology and sustainable living resource in the world! The AT Library contains the full text and images from over 1050 of the best books dealing with all areas of do-it-yourself technology. Portable and easy to use on 28 CDs or 2 DVDs. The AT Library is currently in use in sustainable development projects in over 74 countries worldwide. It’s like a portable internet of appropriate technology solutions!


Fully compatible with most e-readers including Apple iPad™  and Amazon Kindle™ – The perfect combination, an entire library in the palm of your hand!

Here’s What Customers Have To Say:

The AT Library has been a great resource for us in teaching in all of these areas. We could never have brought all of these resources with us in a printed form, but thanks to the AT Library we had information readily available.

– Lance & Debra Sprick, Life Resource Foundation, Iligan City, Philippines

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The Appropriate Technology Library is compact and easy to use. It contains all 1050 books plus the complete Appropriate Technology Sourcebook on just 2 DVDs or 28 CD-ROM. That’s enough books to fill a room in the palm of your hand!  Volume discounts are also available. Please send your volume discount request to

System Requirements: Will run on virtually any hardware configuration and operating system with the capability to play either DVDs or CDs and view web pages. A PDF reader is necessary to view the files. Don’t wait, order yours today!

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About the Appropriate Technology Libraray

The Appropriate Technology Library is 150,000 pages of full text and graphics from 1050 books covering all areas of village-level and do-it-yourself technology–all on 28 CD-ROM’s or 2 DVD’s.

NEW FEATURES: Optical Character Recognition was used to make the PDF articles searchable using Google Desktop (included on the DVD) or other similar applications. The PDF articles are now easier to read and the new HTML interface has been improved, including navigation amongst five sections from a single start page. Also included is the latest version of Adobe Reader to read the PDF articles.

The AT Library gives you all the benefits of a comprehensive appropriate technology library in the space it takes to store a shoe box. The AT Library gives you the knowledge to solve real-world problems such as: harvesting clean drinking water, making tools, growing your own crops, building and maintaining an irrigation system, preserving crops, reforesting a denuded watershed, starting a small fish hatchery, building a small-scale hydropower scheme, building and maintaining pumps, treating human and animal waste, utilizing solar energy, improving rural cookstove efficiency, constructing energy efficient structures, caring for the sick, non-formal education, preparing for a natural disaster — too many uses to list!

Subjects Covered in the Appropriate Technology library

Using the Appropriate Technology Library is Easy

The AT Library is the complete text and graphics of each book, digitally scanned into Adobe PDF format, the industry standard for document storage and viewing. Each book is summarized and indexed in the Appropriate Technology Sourcebook, included with each library. This format is easy to use and navigate and can be read on virtually any computer operating system. It can also be used with the most basic hardware including low MHZ computers and PDA’s.



The AT Library gives all the information of a comprehensive library at less than 48 cents a book. Needless to say, as a result of greatly reduced weight and size you also save on shipping and storage costs. Imagine how much it would cost to put together a comprehensive AT library of your own–not only the materials, but also the staff time needed to research, obtain and catalog the information you need. The AT Library saves resources that are better spent implementing this new knowledge it provides. The AT Library will pay for itself by helping you avoid expensive mistakes. having accessible information on wide-ranging topics lets you do the homework that prevents problems down the line. You can concentrate on the most productive opportunities rather than untangling a crisis.


  Original Paper Copies Complete AT Library
1. Cost of a 1050 volume reference library $14,500 $495
2. Storage Space Required
One large room
Space of a single book
3. Cost of shipping library overseas
4. Shipping Weight
5. Delivery Time
4-8 Months
1 Week
6. Staff Time Required for Locating, Ordering, and Picking up materials
1000 hours
Saves 6 months of office time
7. Staff time required for cataloguing materials
1000 hours
Saves another 6 months of staff time

8. Durability in tropical conditions

Quick deterioration due to humidity and fungus
Saves the cost of replacing the entire library


You have access in minutes to a variety of resources in your area of interest instead of ordering and waiting for a single book that may not answer your specific need. The AT Library’s simple cataloging system is conveniently located in the AT Sourcebook which is included with both the CD-ROM and DVD formats. Its easy to use so the books are easy to find. All of the books contained in the AT Library are reviewed in the AT Sourcebook – Guaranteed. Over 1050 titles on appropriatetechnology- all in one place – have been carefully selected for their relevance and value. This eliminates those wasted trips to the library.

Promotes human resource development

Having a resource like the AT Library inthe office, enables your staff to quickly research spontaneous ideas, encouraging creative solutions. This develops staff skills by facilitating on-the-job learning and stimulation by offering a variety of options on any issue. Because individual discs or the entire library can be used by several different colleagues, the format of the AT Library promotesteam-work in problem-solving and research. If individual subject CD’s contained in the AT Sourcebook CD ROM are circulated around the organization, the library also becomes atoolaccessible to multiple users. The AT Library helps you make better use of your consultants. When your staff can do research before turning to expensive consultants, they can ask more specific, educated questions and optimize time spent with outside experts.


Provides immediate access to the potential solutions to your needs. Because the entire library can sit on your desk, you can answer questions the moment they arise and speed the pace of your work. The AT Library is completely portable, so you can take it with you to the work-site for fast information and on on-the-spot troubleshooting. The entire library in its carrying case can be carried in a briefcase or backpack. Offers durable convenience. Unlike its hardcopy equivalent, CD’s and DVD’s are both light-weight and long-lasting. The CD’s and DVD’s, with proper care, will last indefinitely. The AT Library keeps all the information you need at your fingertips and it’s the one place to look for all the books reviewed in the AT Sourcebook, which also serves as its index. A new user can learn how the whole system works in a matter of minutes.