Appropriate Technology Sourcebook

Appropriate Technology Sourcebook

By Ken Darrow and Mike Saxenian Published by Village Earth

Welcome to the online edition of the Appropriate Technology Sourcebook which reviews over 1,150 of the best books on appropriate technology. Most of the books reviewed in the sourcebook are available as a collection in the AT Library on a USB Flash Drive or 2 DVDs available for sale from Village Earth.

This is the online version of the latest edition guide to practical books on village and small community technology. Over 50,000 print copies of the previous editions have been used in more than 130 countries to find a wide range of published technical information that can be used by individuals and small groups. In the new edition, 1150 publications are reviewed, covering small water supply systems, renewable energy devices such as water mills and improved cook stoves, agricultural tools and implements, intensive gardening, nonformal education, small business management, transportation, small industries and other topics. The Sourcebook can also be used as the index for the Appropriate Technology Library on USB or DVD, which contains the complete text of 1050 books.

How Use The Online Appropriate Technology Sourcebook

This online resource contains reviews of the best available literature on small-scale technology, especially for use in developing countries. Click on the subject areas list on the right to read more about that topic and to read the book reviews.