Data Driven Development

We can work with your organization or nonprofit to integrate your WordPress website,, Google Adwords, Vertical Response and Google Analytics to create meaningful and integrated streams of data that will allow you to refine and target your outreach for maximum impact, saving your organization time and money.

With our Data Driven Development training we can work with you one-on-one to identify and prioritize your goals and then develop simple digital dashboards to make the progress towards those goals visible to key stakeholders such as staff, management, board of directors, beneficiaries or the general public.

Dashboard Metrics Might Include:

  • Basic statistics on the traffic to your website including number of visitors, their geographic location, how they found your website, etc.
  • Various conversion goals including the number people who signed-up for your mailing list, the number of people who made a donation, the number of times a video or other content was viewed.
  • The channels and content that drive conversions including Google Adwords, email, and social media such as facebook, Twitter, Pinterist, Instagram, etc.

We can also help you develop strategies to integrate survey data, evaluations, and program impact metrics so the results can have an immediate impact on organizational growth and learning.