Creating Opportunity in Cambodia

My heart was broken by the hardships I saw in Cambodia. Nearly a third of the population was wiped out by the cruel Khmer Rouge regime, through torture, genocide, and starvation. Anyone with education was put to death in those years, which left a grieving, emotionally scarred population without teachers, doctors, or leaders after the war.

I spent many hours looking for an NGO to support in Cambodia. So many are dishonest, and others create dependency and do more harm than good.

Human and Hope Association is a standout. It was started by Cambodians and in 2016 becomes completely Cambodian-run. HHA is enabling people through education and community programming and doesn’t believe in handouts that create dependency.

Children and adults are learning literacy, English, sewing and gardening skills that will help break the cycle of poverty in their families. And their mentors and teachers are not Western volunteers who pass through a revolving door. Instead, HHA is providing jobs, training, and college scholarships for local adults, who are becoming the leaders the community needs for the future.

I love this organization, and I believe they deserve our support. Please help me provide them with some financial support to get through their first year of full independence and send a vote of confidence for their programming!

Thank you!

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