Eco-Friendly Volunteers (Eco-V)


ECO-V is a non-profitable voluntary organization established in 2001, engaged in environmental conservation in Sri Lanka. ECO-V has a network of 400 volunteers throughout Sri Lanka who contribute to research and community work to support conservation of the environment. They are always looking for local and international volunteers.

ECO-V started in 2001 with foster patronage of Whitley Fund for Nature UK (WFN) in 2001. Today it sustains on other specific project funding and its income generating programmes. Our team consist of young volunteers from diverse academic and professional backgrounds such as ornithology, environment conservation, ecology, floriculture, medical sciences, law, banking and marketing.

Kanchana is the president of ECO-V who leads its team and volunteers on its mission. She has been in the conservation field for more than 20 years locally and internationally. She is supported by a small team in the office to administer and monitor the projects.

ECO-V has a network of 400 volunteers throughout Sri Lanka who have dedicated themselves to conservation of the environment. They contribute to the projects whenever their support is needed.

Bicycle Journey for Climate Justice


ECO-V’s 2013 Paapedi bicycle Journey for Climate Justice will see 25 young people from Sri Lanka transform their passion for protecting the environment into a learning challenge that will change the course of their lives.  They will come with their motivations and desire to learn, and we will give them adventure, empowerment, safe space for inner-reflection and practice, and through a great turning, we will plant the future green leaders of Sri Lanka and nurture them to grow into roles of environmental stewards, educators, mobilizers and advocates.

Journeys are both metaphorical and literal processes to move people, shift perspectives and challenge assumptions.  Our bicycle journey across Sri Lanka aims to build a sense of pride and responsibility for this sensitive island and further the process of empowering young people as social and environmental actors.

Our physical journey will take us by bicycle from Sri Lanka’s ancient capital of Annuradhapura through national parks, rural and urban communities, visits to organic farms and community-based organizations.  The journey will spend time focusing on the study of wetlands and Sri Lanka’s extensive and intricate tank system.
Along the route of our journey, in addition to their experiential learning and reflection on that learning, we will teach our yathris:

  •       How to engage with the public
  •       How to educate based on both science and ethics
  •       How to lead by example.
  •       How to educate through interactive street theatre
  •       How to do water & air quality testing

With ECO-V’s support, the yathris, will run their first environmental awareness campaign, about climate change and how to prevent further environmental damage and mitigate its effects on communities. These experiences will provide the basis for them to continue this work in their own communities. The bike ride will end in our bustling modern capital, Colombo, where we will be joined by urban bicycle advocates and enthusiasts to celebrate our journey and will coincide with the Earth Hour campaign on March 23rd, 2013.  And then for our youth, the journey really begins.

ECO-V’s Vision

To make the world a better place for all organisms to live in.

ECO-V’s mission

To advocate environmental sustainability by leading younger generations towards conservation, based on principles of Buddhist philosophy. ECO-V also promotes traditional values of conservation among younger generations while enhancing awareness of fauna and flora native to the island, conducting research on environmental conservation and popularizing eco-friendly products with the aim of creating an environmental friendly person and, ultimately, society.

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