Forum for Community Change and Development (FOFCOD)


Forum for Community Change and Development (FOFCOD) is an organization dedicated to the needs of Southern Sudanese young women and Girls.

In 2009 a group of innovative women and Youth formed Forum for Community Change and Development (FOFCOD).  Since then, the organization has grown into a broader Youth (girl) movement that is committed to contributing to the national development through programs of Human rights, Democracy, Conflict resolution, health, Education Livelihoods and food security, Entrepreneurship, peace and justice in South Sudan

FOFCOD envisions a new generation of productive and self-reliant south Sudanese who can ably participate in community development programmes to meet their needs and those of other disadvantaged groups.

The organization  also aims at addressing the current high levels of unemployment among women  by identifying existing opportunities in communities through  skills training, appropriate technologies and creation of income generating activities. The organisation is managed and run by women. The organization Members includes youth and women groups.

Our Mission is to have a country  where economic, political and social systems guarantee basic rights, uphold human dignity and promote sustainable livelihoods to enhance community empowerment through   people centered and gender responsive development that creates opportunities to harness potentials necessary for equitable and Sustainable development.

Our Vision is to open eyes, inform minds, touch hearts and join hands to create a country where all economic, social, and political structures, systems and policies guarantee the dignity and basic rights of every member of the human family.

Because Youth  & Women’s human rights are simply ignored and sidelined in South Sudan, FOFCOD work is to stop the suffering and humiliation this brings, and instead ensure that women have the right to be who they are, have opinions and be able to pursue ideas and opportunities alongside men.

To deliver a real difference for women, it’s vital to have a sharp understanding of the barriers to women being empowered and therefore, develop strategies on how to overcome them.

Through our programs, FOFCOD works to address the Gender issues that are critical for the achievement of Gender equality and empowerment of Women.

 Village Earth Global Affiliate since 2013

Contact FOFCOD at:

Anne Kyomugisha
Executive Director

Office Location: Off Ministries road Next to american Residence, Juba South Sudan