Adopt-A-Buffalo Campaign


Since 2003, Village Earth’s Adopt-A-Buffalo campaign has released over 100 bison onto Lakota family-run bison ranches on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The program has also helped start 2 bison ranches and expand two more by providing needed funding to acquire land, fencing, and infrastructure to help care for this sacred animal. In 2005, Village Earth helped found the Lakota Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative (LBCC), a cooperative consisting of 3 Lakota family bison ranches on Pine Ridge. The LBCC has makes it possible for members directly market their grassfed bison to consumers across the country.

By adopting a buffalo, you are supporting the expansion sustainable family-run bison ranches on the Pine Ridge Reservation. 

For your tax-deductible donation of $1000 or more, you will receive a signed certificate of adoption, honoring your support for sustainable bison restoration on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Donate today!


Henry Red Cloud with new spring buffalo babies

Our first bison release in June of 2003

The restoration of the bison has also meant the restoration of the connection between the Lakota people and Tatanka Oyate.


Installing fence for Bison