Rio Beni Foundation

Geographic Focus

The basins of the rivers Beni and Quiquibey which is composed of 7 municipalities (Rurrenabaque, Reyes, San Borja, San Buenaventura, Ixiamas, Apolo and Palos Blancos) in the North of Bolivia.


To provide a high degree of medical and social service, as well as improving the quality of life for families in the communities being served.


The Rio Beni Health Foundation provides quality services in basic health care, laboratory and dental services, education, thermo-nebulization and the provision of drinking water.

Background Information

Our Foundation covers a wide area, since the communities settled in this region are very dispersed. The communities are of different sizes and of different ethnic groups (7 in the region), each with their own language. Some communities have 70 or more families, while others have as little as 4 families. Every trip for the mobile health clinic is different, but we do not differentiate between culture, race, age, sex, religion, political belief or geographic location in providing health services free of charge.

The main problems that the families in these communities face are access and poverty. There are communities that are more than 10 hours by boat (their only access)  and, in addition, one must enter walking through the jungle 30, 40 minutes or more to get there. Traveling by river is also very expensive and many families lack the money to do so. It is for this reason that the mortality in the communities is very high. The distance and the lack of money cause patients to be treated with herbs and home remedies, instead of being assisted by a professional in a hospital.

Another problem that these communities face is access to clean water. The water used daily by families in the communities to drink, cook, clean, and wash their clothes comes from rivers, wells, rain and other contaminated sources. This contaminated water then causes diseases which are difficult to treat due to the remoteness of the communities.

Goals and Objectives

We aim to form a second medical team to give basic health and dental care to 40 communities, at least 3 times in the year. We will also train the communities in different topics related to disease prevention, oral health and hygiene.Our clinic in Rurrenabaque will continue to provide patients who need it with laboratory services, dental services, medical care and medicine. As well we will work to fumigate homes to eliminate mosquitos and provide bio-sand filters for clean drinking water.


We had a patient, who had a disease that had been treated in different health centers in several cities without obtaining a positive result. Aware of the attention in our clinic, he appeared and had an appointment with the doctor who prescribed the corresponding medication for his illness. After a few weeks the patient returned completely healthy and he said to all the people he was with, “I have spent a lot of money on trips and doctors everywhere, and here in the Rio Beni Project I have been cured for only 45 Bolivianos ($ 6.50). ”

Organizational Contact

Joselo Balderrama


Mailing Address

Calle Bolívar esquina Sucre s/n. Rurrenabaque, Beni – BOLIVIA

Physical Address

Calle Bolívar esquina Sucre s/n. Rurrenabaque, Beni – BOLIVIA