Tasunke Wakan Okolakiciye (Medicine Horse Society)



The Tasunke Wakan Okolakiciye (Medicine Horse Society) works to provide Lakota cultural, language, and hands on education services to the Lakota Oyate.

Primary goal of Tasunke Wakan Okolakiciye:

Implement Lakol Wicohan (Lakota life ways and laws, which includes language, values, beliefs, ceremonies and laws of the Lakota people).

Long term goals:

  • To revitalize and implement the Lakota language through education and practice.
  • To strengthen the cultural identity of the Lakota Oyate through linking Lakota Philosophy with the Lakota language.
  • To empower the Lakota Tiwahe (families) in reclaiming their Lakota identity, through integrating the Lakota Customary, Natural, and Spiritual law within the educational process.
  • To provide education training and assistance regarding cultural competency.


Our unique process includes returning to traditional Oglala Lakota culture and values within the context of modern day life, which is reflected by
~ Understanding the primary importance of the tiospaye. (extended family).
~ Recognizing that Spirituality encompasses all areas of our life and returning to our traditional spiritual ways.
~ Utilizing our traditional healers f…or our physical and mental health care.
~ Practicing our Virtues; Wisdom, Bravery, Generosity and Fortitude.
~ Teaching and utilizing our Lakota language and observing cultural protocol such as traditional kinship system and terminology.
~ Acknowledging and coping with historical grief and inter-generational post traumatic stress disorder.
~ Educating Adults and children about Lakota history , traditions and spirituality.
~ Regaining the balance we once enjoyed; living in peace with the earth

We offer trainings and technical assistance to other organizations.

  • Lakota mental health training
  • Lakota Star knowledge
  • Talking Circles and Support Group Circles
  • Lakota Language Revitalization
  • Referrals are taken on an individual basis. Our organization seeks to promote and up hold the concept of Okiciyapa (Helping of one another)

These Services are offered

  • Inipi – Purification Lodge
  • Nagi Kicopi – Calling The Spirit Back
  • Lakol Wica Caje – Lakota Naming Ceremony
  • Wanase – Manhood Ceremony
  • Isanti Awicalowan Pi – Womanhood Ceremony
  • Wopakinte – Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony
  • Woapiye – Doctoring Ceremony

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Visit Tasunke Wakan’s Website at: http://tasunkewakan.org/