Wounded Knee Tiyospaye Project

The Wounded Knee Tiyospaye Project (WKTP) is an unincorporated grassroots organization which, through the work of Calvin White Butterfly, has identified and mobilized 8 separate tiyospayes and corresponding liaisons in the Wounded Knee District who are now recognized at district meetings. They include: Wounded Knee (Canke Ope), White Butte (Makoska), Manderson, White Horse Creek (Sungska Wakpa), Hehun Gleska, Grass Creek (Peji Wakpa), Crazy Horse (Tasunke Witko), and Wakan Tiyospaye. The WKTP seeks to strengthen the Tiyospaye as a legitimate unit of organization within the Wounded Knee District and by supporting tiyospayes to develop and implement small economic, cultural and social projects.

Current Activities of the Wounded Knee Tiyospaye Project

  • Technical Support and Networking in Support of Tiyospaye-based Projects
  • Home Weatherization Outreach
  • Cold Weather Response: Firewood Distribution Program
  • Mapping Traditional Lakota Tiyospayes
  • Strategic Land Planning

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Wounded Knee Tiyospaye Project
PO Box 92
Manderson, SD 57756

Phone: +1 970-237-3002 Ext. 514
Fax: +1 970-237-3026

Visit the WKTP Website at http://www.wktp.org/