14 Reasons to be Hopeful in 2014 and How You Can Support It!

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In his 2007 New York Times bestselling book “Blessed Unrest“, Paul Hawkins makes a rather compelling argument – that the problems plaguing the planet, like environmental degradation, climate change, global poverty, and the struggle for human rights and social justice, will not be solved by Governments and the large NGOs. Rather, he argues that the real hope for the future will come from a emerging movement made-up of a multitude of individuals and small-grassroots people’s organizations around the globe whose expansion has been stimulated by “information technologies becoming increasingly accessible and affordable to people everywhere.” Hawkins describes this movement as comprised of:
“a network of organizations that offer solutions to disentangle what appear to be insoluble dilemmas: poverty, global climate change, terrorism, ecological degradation, polarization of income, loss of culture, and many more. … Even though the origins and purposes of the various groups comprising the movement are diverse, if you survey their principles, mission statements, or values, you find they do not conflict. … What its members do share is a basic set of fundamental understandings about the earth, how it functions, and the necessity of fairness and equity for all people dependent on the planet’s life-giving systems.”
Village Earth agrees with Hawkins’ argument and was founded back in 1993 with a similar purpose: to support genuine grassroots mobilization and local, people’s organizations from the bottom-up. Our Global Affiliate program is the latest evolution of this approach to catalyzing social change, the purpose of which is to provide a support structure for the formation and growth of local grassroots organizations and to help connect you to groups around the globe that you might not have ever heard of – groups that have a big impact in their communities but who often work in obscurity and struggle to secure funding relative to larger outside organizations.
Below are the 14 members of Village Earth’s Global Affiliate Program and the 14 reasons why we are hopeful for the New Year and beyond! We hope you will also be inspired and decide to make your 2013 tax-deductible contribution to one of our affiliates now. 

 Amahoro ProjectEarth Tipi Eco-Friendly Volunteers Empowerng Youth Cambodia Forum for Cumunity Change and Development Jenzera Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Lakota Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative Lakota Lands Recovery Project Living Roots Maloca Sarada Group of Development Initiatives Tasunke WakanAffilateThumbs_51
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