Alternative Spring Break

Village Earth and Colorado State University’s office for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement organize an “Alternative Spring Break” program on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Through this newly created program 10 CSU students spent their week long spring break helping families across the reservation on various projects including getting bikes donated for youth, delivering firewood, installing fencing, and delivering food and other needed items to elders.


  1. My name is Laura, I am a member of the Chippawa tribe. I have a friend who lives in England. When I told him how life really is on the reservations here in America, he was shocked. The English have been told that our government gave them prosperous land with rolling hills of green grass and that our government takes care of them. I told him that it is all lies.

  2. Americans are always so proud that the give so much money to Haiti or to one of the many countries in Africa. But how can you call yourself a good person based on what you have given to third-world countries when people in your own country suffer just as badly as the people of those third-world countries? I am Cherokee and Chippawa and it shames me to call myself "American" when the American government refuses to care for the true Americans. To see and here these things makes me sick, because as human beings our most important duty is to care for others. How can we say we do that if we let people in our own country starve, freeze, and die of diseases that aren't supposed to deadly anymore?

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