More Buffalo Delivered to Pine Ridge

Today, Village Earth delivered two more buffalo to the Pine Ridge Reservation purchased through our “Adopt-A-Buffalo” program from the annual Custer State Park Buffalo Auction. The two yearling heiffers were delivered to the Braveheart family to help diversify their seed herd that was released September 25th through the program.

Above: An always cheerful Henry Red Cloud assisted with the selection and transport of the buffalo from Custer State Park this weekend.

Wanblee Red Cloud also helped with the pickup by watching out for shill bidders.


  1. Bonjour Henry et David

    Je suis Philippe le président de l’association française Pine Ridge Enfance Solidarite:

    Nous sommes très intéressés par le parrainage de bisons et nous allons
    voir comment procéder. Nous vous recontacterons. Bravo pour ce programme.


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