Sign petition urging congress to address housing crisis throughout Indian Country.

Join the National American Indian Housing Council in their efforts to get Congress to address the housing crisis across Indian Country. On November 1st, the House and Senate will resume negotiations to approve a final FY 2012 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) funding bill. According to the NAIHC, “Substantial differences remain between both the House and Senate versions and the National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) strongly urges its membership to contact their Congressional leaders and voice support for the Senate THUD funding bill. The Senate version allocates higher funding amounts and does not include a provision that would require IHBG recipients to expend their FY2012 dollars within three years, or face losing the unspent funding.”

Sign the NAIHC petition below and we will add your name to the letter being sent to Congress.  The deadline to be added to the list is October 31st. Please help us get the word out! After you sign the petition, you will be given the opportunity to share it on Facebook and Twitter. 

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  1. Pamela Johnson says:

    Please this is shameful. Fulfill your obligation~

  2. Tina Wolk says:

    The housing conditions of Native Americans is a disgrace and the government should be ashamed of themselves for sending aid to other countries when there are Americans living in these deplorable conditions! They need help not a handout. I am sure they would be willing to put in the labor to improve their conditions.

  3. frosty layne chandler says:

    How long does this go on? how many screams of help must be heard ?how long will America turn a blind eye to the people of this land? after the things we have done we allow them to live in houses we wouldnt house hogs or chickens in …bring in a vollenteer force,incourage residents to help build, teach skills in repair and use good goods to build these houses so they will stand up to the culture that will be living in them ,make them multi family lodgeings so familys can live together as is tradition ..this way there wont be over use or over burdening of the homes …ask what is needed and produce it build to fit the place,culture and land also climate!build smart!!!Megwetch/thank you

  4. proprement scandaleux et inepte !!!

  5. This is inhuman. Where are the people’s equal Universal Human rights??? We’re living in 2011!!! Where is humanity to the people in the reservations of the United States? The USA is creating very bad Karma!!! Help the people with proper and safe houses in the reservations!!!

  6. Charge wall street a transaction tax to fund building improvements for these peoples hire veterns to do the work…create jobs for the indians as well.This is not right to live this way.These are a proud people that need assistance.Wont you help?

  7. karl kissner says:

    if the government can build free low income house in almost every city in the country,then they can build some housing for the native that they have taken so much from

  8. Mike Ganey says:

    All we ever hear about is the blacks and the whites, the Red people are forgotten and abused even to this day. It is time for the government to pay up in full for the autrocities, the genocide, and the wanton disregard for these human beings. America’s government is like every other and they tell China to stop their human rights abuse, I laugh at them.

  9. Lisa Rice says:

    Did y’all see the ABC Special that Diane Sawyer did about the conditions in just one reservation, Pine Ridge? Absolutely horrible!! I commend Diane for bringing this to light for the American people of ALL races to see how Natives are having to live on the reservations! Now is the time to correct this situation, NOT put it in limbo and bureaucratic red tape — NOW NOW NOW NOW

  10. Mary Ayers says:

    The U.S. created this situation and can no longer afford to let it continue. The world is watching the country which claims to be just and compassionate prove itself to be a liar. Words are meaningless, actions carry the full force of morality. Act NOW!

  11. Asta Waage says:

    I am curious how come you got enough money do buy weapons and war but you do not care about your own people natives are human beings too just like every one else

  12. sidney dunn says:

    fair housing is a right every person shouldn’t have to fight for , share housing for 1 week trade and see how fast you would sign

  13. Marcea Carey says:

    Nobodies asking for mansions! Roofs that don’t leak, floors not caving in, running water, working plumbing- bathrooms ALL the things you take for granted & don’t think twice about! KEEP YOUR PROMISES with DECENT homes not the kind that are so cheap & poorly made they self destruct!!

  14. Ursela Wiese says:

    In my country we also have a crisis of poverty and major unemployment with people demanding FREE housing with FREE electricity and FREE water but, in my country there is a BIG difference and that is “the majority of the people demanding all of this are not even from my country, they are mostly illegal immigrants – 5 million immigrants just from one neighbouring state… living and feeding off the country. We are not in a situation to help but we are helping.
    Native Americans are the original inhabitants of the USA and should be honored and be treated with dignity and respect. The USA housing and living conditions of Native Americans are a disgrace and the government should be ashamed for still exploiting and violating the rights of these people. How can the USA, for one minute ignore a “world known fact” that many Native Americans are barely living and alive in the USA while spending millions else where?” The white Americans owe this to these people for all the wrongs of the past.

  15. Thanks everyone! The support for this petition has been inspiring to say the least!

  16. Please address this housing issue for The people sake. They seem never to be heard and most to suffer, if it was your family would you sit there and watch them suffer, these things can and will happen to those who dont help the needy and the poor.

  17. I was told by my dad this was coming, when I was growing up on the reservation, he said,” There is going to be time, when we may not have food stamps, or AFDC. So you should learn to have a garden, and always save extra things. I guess the President of United States, said some things about our people, saying that we need to work. There is no GA. So what do you think about that. Our elders those ones that humble, they know these things. I missed them. I want to move back, but this is safe for my grandchildren to grow up on the reservation. I seem the TV special last month, I was think that people don’t need to live like that. But why? are they people living like that. Why? Question for Tribal Councel to answer. Are there educated people in those positions, so they stick up for the grass root people, our children are having children. That don’t need to be. But how do tell those people? Again a question for tribal representatives. We are to be proud people, we have to move to our lands and built there, and get our clans to work together rather than drinking together.Well so what do other people think ??????????

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