Appropriate Technology Library End of Year Sale

From now through the end of 2011, we are offering a half-off discount on the complete Appropriate Technology (AT) Library on DVD or CD-ROM. Buy the complete library of 1,050 books for only $249 – that’s less than 25 cents a book for the most comprehensive, compact, and cost effective appropriate technology and sustainable living resource in the world! The AT Library contains the full text and images from over 1050 of the best books dealing with all areas of do-it-yourself and village-level technology. It is portable and easy to use on 28 CDs or 2 DVDs.

Use the Google Checkout option in the shopping cart and the Coupon Code “2011discount” on the website or call 1-970-237-3002 ext. 503 to order by phone.


  1. Hi Kristina,
    The AT DVD set I purchased has been very usefull. I have a friend in the Dept of Welfare, PNG Government, who is quite interested in the concept and I wish to purchase a copy for him. Normally the Government would purchase a set. In this case I have decided to take advantage of your discount and donate a copy to him. He has a particular interest in the Rural Access Program and other rural improvement information.
    I cannot locate the area to enter Coupon Code “2011discount” .

    Happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year.


    • Hi Tony,

      I have sent you an e-mail response. I am happy to hear the AT Library has been useful. For anyone else having problems receiving the discount: After completing your information in the shopping cart, choose Google Checkout as the preferred payment method. You will come to a screen before entering your credit card information where at the bottom it says Additional Options and there is a space to enter the coupon code. So enter coupon code 2011discount and it automatically applies the discount. If this does not work for anyone, feel free to call +1-970-237-3002 ext. 503 or e-mail me

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