Single Course Scholarship Competition Now Open!

Thanks to a generous donation by Audrey Faulkner, Village Earth is now offering a scholarship for one free online course. The scholarship is only open to potential participants that have no possibility of paying for their course on their own. With our limited resources, we would like to support the most innovative project work being done by someone with the most need. If you believe that you fit this description and are working on an exciting new project, please tell us more in the format below. (Note: Any applications exceeding the stated lengths or not following any of the stated rules will not be considered.)

1) In less than 175 words, describe the project you are working on. (Include who you work with, what your goal is, where your project is located, etc.) Please also include a web address if your project has some online presence.

2) In less than 100 words, tell us why you believe you and your project would benefit from a scholarship to one of our training courses. (Here you may include responses to questions like: How our training would help move your project forward? What challenges are you facing and how do you believe we could help?)

Please send applications to with the title “Scholarship Application” by November 30th. We will announce a winner in the following newsletter.


  1. Is this competition covering Sierra Leone, i have a wonderful project that is about to commence titled; THE FARMERS MEDIA ON FOOD GOVERNANCE. I will send in my application and hope Sierra Leone will benefit from this opportunity.

  2. Rishi Ram Kapri says:

    I’m afraid whether this scheme covers my country Nepal or not. A group of experts from a marginalized ethnic group has set up a project with the purpose of empowering the group through different means, but the lack of such fund has blurred the objective of the project. Detail information will be given in the application. Thank you!

  3. Ndikumana, Lambert says:

    I would like to continue to get more information on Village Earth’s activities and I am ready to collaborate with you in all what I can. I am reading your dissertation on Village Earth Approach to Grassroots Empowerment and I am much impressed by what you do as I’ll have time to put it in my next discussion.

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