Community Garden Providing Food to Widows & Vulnerable Children

In Darlu, Sierra Leone a Village Care Initiatives (VCI) group was formed in 2011 on the basis of an existing social club. Members realized some successes in terms of raising food to carry them through the annual “hungry season” and in raising their standard of living and incomes.  The initial success of the group helped to attract new members, who then raised enough money to initiate a community garden that they shared with the group members as well as with widows that did not have enough food to feed their children. They also started a savings scheme to offer help to other families caring for vulnerable children. Gradually, the entire population of women in Darlu became interested in joining the VCI group. Since the group has grown, it has now divided into two groups for ease of management. The groups plan to start a school feeding program next year.


  1. Lambert Ndikumana says:

    I congratulate this VCI in Darlu, Sierra Leone. It is a very good idea. In many African communities, there is a big problem due to the lack of food, and widows are among the first vulnerable groups. I think that a strategy should be set up to teach wives how they could take care of themselvs and their children after the death of their husbands, since no one knows who will die before the other. Even husbands should know that they are not immortal, that they will die one day, but that their families have to survive long after they have died. As a conclusion, I can say that, for the sake of sustainability of community development, women should be as important as men in the act of taking care of their families.

    Lambert Ndikumana

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