2016 Holiday Fundraising Campaign to Support Village Earth’s Global Affiliates


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 Global Affiliate NameGeographic FocusAbout 
Facebook-Vert-LogoVillage Earth Area of Most NeedGlobalLet Village Earth decide how best to allocate your donation.
AmahoroAmahoro ProjectBurundiAmahoro project is a collaboration betweeen Colorado State University and Ngozi University in Burundi (UNG) to establish UNG as a ongoing site and dissemination center for research in sustainable peace and development.
CRDTCambodia Rural Development Team Northeast CambodiaWorks to sustainably improve food security, incomes, and living standards of subsistence rural communities in support of environmental conservation throughout Cambodia.
Earth TipiEarth TipiPine Ridge Reservation, SDWorks to sustainably improve food security, incomes, and living standards of subsistence rural communities in support of environmental conservation throughout Cambodia.
Eco_VEco-Friendly VolunteersSri LankaECO-V is a voluntary organization engaged in environmental conservation in Sri Lanka. ECO-V has a network of 400 volunteers throughout Sri Lanka who contribute to research and community work to support conservation of the environment.
EYCEmpowering Youth CambodiaPnom Penh, CambodiaEYC is a organization working to improve the lives of young people and their families. Our vision is to see youth empowered with skills & confidence to be leaders who actively develop themselves, their families and community.
FOFCODForum for Community Change and DevelopmentSouth SudanFOFCOD envisions a new generation of productive and self-reliant south Sudanese who can ably participate in community development programs to meet their needs and those of other disadvantaged groups.
GOLDGrowing Liberia Democracy (GOLD)LiberiaGOLD promotes poverty reduction as well as democratic & high quality governance by empowering local communities to effectively engage their law makers as to make policy decisions favorable for Liberians and to be fully transparent.
ICA_NEPAlInstitute of Cultural Affairs (Nepal)NepalICA’s mission is to promote social innovation through participation and community building. We do this throughout the country through training, facilitation & development activities.  
Human-and-Hope-Association-500x500Human and Hope AssociationSiem Reap, CambodiaHuman and Hope Association works to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves through projects focused on education, vocational training and community support.
JalambaJalamba Nursery School ProjectThe GambiaThe goal of the of the Association is to empower youths, children and vulnerable families through education. The project has government support as a new school  which will serve ages of one through six. 
JenzeraJenzeraColombiaSupports community processes so that people can freely decide on their social, political and economic lives by defending their territories, empowering their own governments and developing a self-managed economies.
KnifeChiefKnife Chief Buffalo NationPine Ridge Reservation, SDThe Knife Chief Buffalo Nation, a grassroots project on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, works to reclaim 1800 acres of ancestral lands for restoring buffalo, and Lakota culture and lifeways.
LBCCLakota Buffalo Caretakers CooperativePine Ridge Reservation, SDThe Lakota Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative (LBCC) is a 100% Native American owned and operated cooperative association on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Its membership is made up of small family buffalo caretakers who respect the buffalo and the land. Members of the LBCC are committed to the restoration of the northern plains ecology, self-sufficiency and strengthening the sovereignty and self-determination of the Oglala Lakota Nation and all indigenous peoples.
LLRPLakota Lands Recovery ProjectSouth Dakota ReservationsThe LLRP works to reclaim and consolidate tribal lands and access the resources needed for the Lakota people to live on, protect, and utilize it — promoting self-determination and sovereignty.
MalocaMalocaAmazon BasinWorks with Indigenous Peoples living in the Amazon Basin. It works directly with Indigenous leaders to raise awareness about the needs of their communities and find means to establish self-sustaining strategies to address their needs.
TasunkeWakanTasunke WakanPine Ridge Reservation, SDOur primary goal is to develop and implement Lakol Wicohan (Lakota life ways and laws, which includes language, values, beliefs, ceremonies and laws of the Lakota people) within the Oyate (Community).
TRCDATitukuke RCDAPetuake, ZambiaTRCDA is devoted to to uplifting livelihoods, reducing illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS Health problems among the communities in Petauke, Zambia

Village Earth Affiliate “Earth Tipi” Builds Caretaker Cabin on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Thank you to those who contributed to our Caretaker cabin! We were able to build the entire cabin including the roof, insulation, siding  as well as installed the doors and windows. We have enough funds remaining to install a basic propane system with a tank and heater. We still need additional funding to purchase a propane refrigerator and small solar system as well as finish off the interior with a kitchen and bathroom.  A single father and his two children have been occupying the space all winter in exchange for helping care for our homestead model site and education center.
We expect volunteers to arrive later this week to continue working on some interior details well as to do some earth works around the outside to keep water from running off the hillside above it underneath the foundation.

We still need $4000 to complete the project including fixing some damage that occurred during the winter months.
We could not do these projects without your support!
Lila Pilamayaye!
(Thank you very much)
Shannon, Director Earth Tipi

World Food Day: Food Insecurity on South Dakota’s American Indian Reservations



Today, October 16th, 2014 is World Food Day. The World Food Day theme for 2014 is Family Farming: “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”. While most Americans recognize the problem of hunger in so-called “developing countries.” Very few people comprehend the high levels of food insecurity that exists across the United States. This problem is especially acute on American Indian Reservations where a 120 years of exclusionary federal policies have pushed Tribal members off their own lands to make them available to non-tribal farmers and ranchers. This combined with high rates of poverty has created food desserts across indian country.

“Food deserts are defined as urban neighborhoods and rural towns without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. Instead of supermarkets and grocery stores, these communities may have no food access or are served only by fast food restaurants and convenience stores that offer few healthy, affordable food options. The lack of access contributes to a poor diet and can lead to higher levels of obesity and other diet-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.”

The map above, developed by Village Earth’s Lakota Lands Recovery Project, draws on 2012 data collected by the US Census Bureau and compiled by www.feedingamerica.org to display the county-level data along with the boundaries of South Dakota’s American Indian Reservations. The data shows that on these Reservations, food insecurity (not having enough food within the past year) is has high as 26% percent, some of the highest rates in the country.

Village Earth is trying to transform this situation by supporting local, grassroots efforts to develop more sustainable, more healthy local food systems. For example, on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Village Earth is supporting efforts of the Knife Chief Buffalo Nation organization who seeks to acquire more land to expand their buffalo herds which provide both spiritual and nutritional sustenance for the Lakota people. Earth Tipi, another one of our Global Affiliates, is seeking funds to develop a demonstration “food forest” near the community of Manderson on the Pine Ridge Reservations. Food forests are a form of sustainable regenerative food systems that bring together assemblages of food bearing parennial plants that thrive in local soils and climate and require very little maintenance once established. On the Cheyenne River Reservation, another one of our Global Affiliates “Mni” is working to restore their lands and aquifers by promoting simple watershed restoration and holistic grazing managemnet practices.  The goal of which is to restore their lands and wild plants after 120 years of extractive grazing practices managed by the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.

All three of these Village Earth Global Affiliates are currently accepting donations through Globalgiving.org. Please consider making a donation on this World Food Day.




Check Out These New T-Shirts & Sweat Shirts from VE Affiliate “Earth Tipi”

Get one of these T-Shirts and support Village Earth Global Affiliate “Earth Tipi” at the same time. These comfy 100% cotton t-shirts will quickly become your favorite way to show your support for Lakota Land use, natural building, and sustainable agriculture on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Hurry, popular sizes are running-out fast!

Earth Tipi T-Shirt
Earth Tipi T-Shirt
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Book a Night (or more) With Village Earth Affiliate “Earth Tipi” on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Earth Tipi


Earth Tipi is working to create accessible, sustainable housing and food sovereignty on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They recently created this listing for a tipi near their headquarters on the Pine Ridge Reservation on the home-sharing website “AirBnB.com” What a great way you can learn more about Earth Tipi while also helping to support it.

This 16′ tipi purchased new this year! Ample space for up to 5 adults in sleeping bags. 2 twin sized beds are available. In this case only room for only 2 adults. 8 mi to Wounded Knee Massacre Site. Central location to explore Pine Ridge & Badlands.

4-15-2014 12-45-18 PM

The Space
How many times have you had the opportunity to sleep in a tipi on an indian reservation? Deer and coyote are often spotted crossing the site. We are also immediately adjacent to horse pastures on all sides. We are also home to a sustainable homestead model site and education center. Tours are available of our cob/strawbale hybrid home as well as our light straw clay office.

Guest Access
There are currently solar showers and composting toilets on site. We may be adding private showers and toilets for the tipi site but currently these amenities are shared with our campers. There is a covered picnic area for eating and in case of rain during the day. There is an outdoor kitchen that is primarily for group use but, use can be arranged for tipi renters if arrangements are made in advance (hours may be specific/limited)

Interaction with Guests
We live on site and are available to answer questions about the area.

The Neighborhood
We are centrally located on the reservation. If you are coming to tour the area ours is a great spot to start off. Wounded Knee Massacre site and museum are just 8 miles away. We are 2.5 miles from a convenience store and just 3.5 miles from Betty’s Kitchen a local favorite restaurant.

Getting around
There is a reservation shuttle service that operates within the boundaries of the reservation. This is an easy and economical way to see the entire reservation. Stops 2-3 times per day at Pinky’s store in Manderson (2.5 miles on the paved road).

Redeem Your Globalgiving.org Gift Card to Support a Village Earth Global Affiliate

landing_bigcardsDoes your company or organization participate in Globalgiving.org’s corporate giving program? If so, we hope you’ll choose to support one of Village Earth’s Global Affiliates. Why? Because Village Earth has over 20-years of working with grassroots groups on the front-lines of social justice and sustainable development. Each one of our Global Affiliates undergoes an extensive due-diligence process and is selected because of their overall impact and focus on addressing the core issues behind poverty and powerless in their region.

Below is a list of Village Earth Affiliates with projects listed on Globalgiving.org. Click on the their image below to link to their donation page.
12-12-2013 10-54-00 AM

12-17-2013 10-01-13 AM

12-12-2013 1-05-26 PM

12-12-2013 10-58-23 AM12-12-2013 10-55-08 AM12-12-2013 10-56-23 AM


Empower Grassroots Organizations With A Year-End Gift to Village Earth

Time is running-out to make your tax-deductible donation count in 2013!

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Village Earth provides strategic, autonomy respecting support to 14 different grassroots organizations like the Forum for Community Change and Development (pictured above).

Village Earth provides strategic, autonomy respecting support to 14 different grassroots organizations like the Forum for Community Change and Development (pictured above)

Make a donation now and not only will you be supporting grassroots organizations around the globe realize their OWN strategies and solutions but as an added bonus, you’ll also get a deduction on your 2013 taxes!

Why donate to Village Earth?
We believe the answer to global/local problems lies in the commitment, passion and creativity local, grassroots organizations. Your donation has a bigger impact when it’s being used by local organizations to carry-out local solutions using local expertise, labor, and materials (rather than being used to support the salaries, travel, and lodging for an expatriate staff). Rather than carrying-out projects ourselves, Village Earth’s Global Affiliate Program empowers grassroots organizations around the globe directly with strategic, autonomy respecting assistance – creating a support structure for them to work with their own communities to realize their own strategies and solutions. Your donation today makes all this possible, providing support without all the “strings” and pre-determined outcomes that come with come grants from foundations and governments.


Use the button above to choose one of our 14 Global Affiliates or select “area of most need” and Village Earth will decide how to allocate your donation to have the greatest impact.


Program Update from Village Earth Global Affiliate: “Earth Tipi” on the Pine Ridge Reservation, SD.


It was a great year and we would like to thank all of our supporters for contributing to our success!


Just as the cold was subsiding and the warmth came we started the installation of a rocket mass heater. We were joined by community members and others to learn about the process! The bench is now complete and keeping the home office warm while being a great inspiration to others who would like to build an efficient wood heater for their homes.


Thanks to your support and through collaboration with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation we were able to plant five new fruit tree orchards throughout Pine Ridge Reservation and gave away 100 fruit trees to community members for a total of 300 apple, pear, plum, cherry, apricot and peach trees planted.  Thank you also to Audubon, Fargo, North Dakota for collaborating to apply for and win the TogetherGreen  Volunteers Day grant which supported associated costs.


The first orchard was planted at Red Cloud School. Red Cloud serves approximately 400 Kindergarten through High School students.  There were 32 trees planted with the help of the 9th and 10th grade sciences classes. Next up was Lakota Hope in White Clay, NE located on the southern most border of the reservation. We are very excited about this location as there is a nursing home currently under construction right across the street. Lakota Hope has committed to serving the 82 elderly residents that will occupy the new space as well as serve the Pine Ridge community. At Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation located at Sharps Corner in the Porcupine District we planted 15 trees to add to the permaculture food forest they started there last year. There were also 20 trees planted at the Oglala Lakota College at Piya Wiconi . These trees will be part of a study to determine best planting practices for our area. Lastly,  at Little Wound School in Kyle 82 trees were planted. Little Wound serves approximately 1000 pre-school – high school students as well as young parents working towards their G.E.D’s.


We welcomed the Ave Maria Church from Parker, CO. They were here to help welcome a new member to our family the same day she arrived. ChetanWin Sylvie was born in the light straw clay office on June 26! Here she is at four months to with a great view of the home office that we started last year!


It was great to partner with Re-Member this year on our garden! They sent wonderful volunteers each week on Mondays and Tuesdays through September and made sure the garden was a great success! Earth Tipi and Re-Member shared the produce. Re-Member gave their produce to the comment and we used our share to feed ourselves, volunteers and to put on canning workshops!


We welcomed two church groups. They brought supplies, materials and professional labor to assist the Zaitz family in Wounded Knee towards finishing a home project they started in 2011.  Over $2500 in materials was donated and approximately 870 hours were donated to the family. Projects completed were wiring, plumbing, drywall, flooring and more!

Thanks to two Americorps NCCC teams who came in July and August we completed a number of projects around the homestead that really add to the site. The bench for the rocket mass heater we started in April was completed and a marked trail complete with detailed brochure describing local herbs and foods along the trail. Other projects we could not have completed without the help of Americorps was the organizing of our storage trailer, new fencing along the border (materials donated by Ave Maria Church), a chicken coup, plastering on the outside of the home office, grey water system improvements and garden gate replacement to name a few!


It was also great to see the folks from the William Penn House again! They came for a week with their youth group and helped alongside the first Americorps NCCC team.

We were happy to welcome the Wolf Creek School 8th grade class for a jam making and canning workshop. The class of 5 enjoyed making chokecherry jam and each took home a jar for their families.

Exciting things are being planned for next year including a collaboration with Will Allen of GrowingPower (http://www.growingpower.org). We are always looking for support both financial and volunteer. If you would like to support us with a donation please visit us on our website http://www.earthtipi.org or use the donation page through Village Earth http://landing.villageearth.org/global-affiliates/earthtipi .

If you or your group would like to join us next summer please email us!

Thanks again for your interest and support!

With Kind Regards,


Founder/Executive Director
Earth Tipi

Update from Earth Tipi

It’s been a long hot and very dry summer in South Dakota. Despite temperatures reaching over 100 degrees F and no rain, we grew some wonderful produce in our garden. Onions, parsley, collard greens and eggplants were bountiful while other choice veggies have been in sufficient supply but could have been better. Our main focus however, has been our light straw clay, home/office project. Construction began on June 15 and has been going non stop since then. A number of short visits from large groups made the project possible. While at times we have struggled just to keep things going with one to three of us, the days when we had groups of 5,10 and even up to 35 people (for 4 days) kept the pace manageable. One of the hard things about a project like this is to match up labor with critical points in construction. One phase is dependent on the next being completed. This week for example we are pressed to finish packing the walls with straw and clay so that when help arrives on Monday (Sept 17) we can start installing the roof!

We are still short funds for this project. If you would like to make a contribution please click here https://donationpay.org/villageearth/earthtipi/.

Earth Tipi to host Affordable Natural Homes Workshop on Pine Ridge

Earth Tipi has teamed up with the University of Wisconsin ~ Madison and Design Coalition to offer a 5 day Affordable Natural Homes workshop!

Lou Host-Jablonski, renowned architect, has developed an innovative design that incorporates all of the benefits of natural home building (straw and clay) into an integrated plan that can easily fit into any urban/suburban setting. The concept also overcomes building codes and permitting that would certainly be an issue in a typical neighborhood. This concept is completely scalable for large projects and has been already implemented in suburban neighborhoods!

Participants will gain hands-on experience using natural materials including walls made from clay and straw, a clay floor and natural plasters. The course will be taught by renowned Lou Host-Jablonski. Important details about planning, designing and building a home will be included in the course. All who attend will leave with a full set of architectural plans that will allow them to build their own home or start a business!

Cost to attend is $850, there is a $100 discount for registering before June 1, 2012. For more information or to register at designcoalition.org. Our goal is to offer full scholarships to Lakota tribal members. If you can’t join us, please consider donating $25-$100 so that someone in need can attend!



For more information contact Shannon Freed, shannon@earthtipi.org

Spring Update from Earth Tipi

Vermiculture workshop sponsored by Earth Tipi on the Pine Ridge Reservation

By Shannon Freed, Director of Earth Tipi

Spring has sprung and Earth Tipi has been making plans for the coming season all winter! First some exciting updates on current news. In November Earth Tipi hosted a Lakota language immersion experience for children at the Lakota Dakota Nakota Language Summit in Rapid City. Children experienced the Lakota language through story telling, computer interactive games and a video corner that featured the Lakota Bears (Berenstein Bears in the Lakota language). In January I teamed up with Arlo Iron Cloud of KILI Radio in Porcupine to do an early morning radio show about foods that heal. Each week a different food is featured and its medical properties are discussed. Information shared includes meal preparation uses and cooking recipes. Also new to Earth Tipi programming are school presentations. I have been making regular visits to the Lakota Waldorf School where the children learn about different food ingredients, where they come from and then they create something from the ingredients. Playdough and Granola were both big hits with these kindergarteners. This month we featured Vermiculturist John Victor Anderson “The Colorado Worm Man” of Fort Collins. John visited both the Little Wound High School, Lakota Waldorf and did a community presentation in Wounded Knee. At Little Wound, Automotive and Carpentry students learned how to transform an old refrigerator into a worm bin. Two bins were made using non functioning refrigerators that would have otherwise gone to the dump. The following day John presented to 9th and 10th graders in Biology and Physical Science classes. These classes will be responsible for raising the worms using food collected from cafeteria waste. In April, students from the Art class will decorate the bins.

This summer we will turn our existing fruit tree orchard into a food forest. We plan to expand our gardens and are in the process of implementing new permaculture techniques including a “hugelkultur” which will help store water so that we can work to eliminate the need for irrigation in our garden. We will also be repeating our collaboration with the William Penn House of Washington D.C. to take three youth from our reservation to Washington D.C. for one week following a visit from D.C. area high school students. One intern position will be offered to a local youth and it is hoped that funds can be raised to pay a small stipend for this position.

We will be very busy this summer as we work to complete the gazebo project we started last summer as well as construct an outdoor kitchen which will feature a cob oven, solar oven and bengali pit stove. If funds are raised we will also construct a greenhouse, root cellar and a home office for Earth Tipi made from light straw clay. We are currently in the process for raising funds for all of these projects and will need to raise $150,000 by August. If you are interested in supporting Earth Tipi in these endeavors please visit http://earthtipi.org/support to make an online contribution. Pilamaya, Shannon Freed, Director Earth Tipi