2016 Holiday Fundraising Campaign to Support Village Earth’s Global Affiliates


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 Global Affiliate NameGeographic FocusAbout 
Facebook-Vert-LogoVillage Earth Area of Most NeedGlobalLet Village Earth decide how best to allocate your donation.
AmahoroAmahoro ProjectBurundiAmahoro project is a collaboration betweeen Colorado State University and Ngozi University in Burundi (UNG) to establish UNG as a ongoing site and dissemination center for research in sustainable peace and development.
CRDTCambodia Rural Development Team Northeast CambodiaWorks to sustainably improve food security, incomes, and living standards of subsistence rural communities in support of environmental conservation throughout Cambodia.
Earth TipiEarth TipiPine Ridge Reservation, SDWorks to sustainably improve food security, incomes, and living standards of subsistence rural communities in support of environmental conservation throughout Cambodia.
Eco_VEco-Friendly VolunteersSri LankaECO-V is a voluntary organization engaged in environmental conservation in Sri Lanka. ECO-V has a network of 400 volunteers throughout Sri Lanka who contribute to research and community work to support conservation of the environment.
EYCEmpowering Youth CambodiaPnom Penh, CambodiaEYC is a organization working to improve the lives of young people and their families. Our vision is to see youth empowered with skills & confidence to be leaders who actively develop themselves, their families and community.
FOFCODForum for Community Change and DevelopmentSouth SudanFOFCOD envisions a new generation of productive and self-reliant south Sudanese who can ably participate in community development programs to meet their needs and those of other disadvantaged groups.
GOLDGrowing Liberia Democracy (GOLD)LiberiaGOLD promotes poverty reduction as well as democratic & high quality governance by empowering local communities to effectively engage their law makers as to make policy decisions favorable for Liberians and to be fully transparent.
ICA_NEPAlInstitute of Cultural Affairs (Nepal)NepalICA’s mission is to promote social innovation through participation and community building. We do this throughout the country through training, facilitation & development activities.  
Human-and-Hope-Association-500x500Human and Hope AssociationSiem Reap, CambodiaHuman and Hope Association works to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves through projects focused on education, vocational training and community support.
JalambaJalamba Nursery School ProjectThe GambiaThe goal of the of the Association is to empower youths, children and vulnerable families through education. The project has government support as a new school  which will serve ages of one through six. 
JenzeraJenzeraColombiaSupports community processes so that people can freely decide on their social, political and economic lives by defending their territories, empowering their own governments and developing a self-managed economies.
KnifeChiefKnife Chief Buffalo NationPine Ridge Reservation, SDThe Knife Chief Buffalo Nation, a grassroots project on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, works to reclaim 1800 acres of ancestral lands for restoring buffalo, and Lakota culture and lifeways.
LBCCLakota Buffalo Caretakers CooperativePine Ridge Reservation, SDThe Lakota Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative (LBCC) is a 100% Native American owned and operated cooperative association on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Its membership is made up of small family buffalo caretakers who respect the buffalo and the land. Members of the LBCC are committed to the restoration of the northern plains ecology, self-sufficiency and strengthening the sovereignty and self-determination of the Oglala Lakota Nation and all indigenous peoples.
LLRPLakota Lands Recovery ProjectSouth Dakota ReservationsThe LLRP works to reclaim and consolidate tribal lands and access the resources needed for the Lakota people to live on, protect, and utilize it — promoting self-determination and sovereignty.
MalocaMalocaAmazon BasinWorks with Indigenous Peoples living in the Amazon Basin. It works directly with Indigenous leaders to raise awareness about the needs of their communities and find means to establish self-sustaining strategies to address their needs.
TasunkeWakanTasunke WakanPine Ridge Reservation, SDOur primary goal is to develop and implement Lakol Wicohan (Lakota life ways and laws, which includes language, values, beliefs, ceremonies and laws of the Lakota people) within the Oyate (Community).
TRCDATitukuke RCDAPetuake, ZambiaTRCDA is devoted to to uplifting livelihoods, reducing illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS Health problems among the communities in Petauke, Zambia

Help Raise $10,000 to Sustain the Vibrant Ranchero Culture in Baja Mexico – Living Roots


Earlier this year in Spring, five valiant young souls from the San Javier secondary school laced up their boots and hoisted their packs to walk the 25 kilometers across dry mesa tops to visit and interview the local cowboy hero, Dario Higuera.


The trekkers, 11 to 16 years old, learned how to find waterholes in the desert, and the many valuable uses of local flora – traditional skills that are fast disappearing.  The experience was filled with pride and laughter, good stories and sore feet, and above all an incredible appreciation for the Baja Ranchero lifestyle which is these students’ heritage.

Thank you for being a part of creating this invaluable experience for sierra youth. Your support is instrumental.

For outsiders, an appreciation of the richness and preciousness of the Baja Ranchero culture comes naturally. But for sierra residents, the uniqueness of their traditional culture may not have the same romantic appeal when they are faced with limited economic and educational opportunities inherent in living on, and off the land. 

You are an important part of promoting a vibrant Baja Ranchero lifestyle that will attract and sustain future generations. Click here to make a Donation

Community Empowerment

  • A critical step is giving people greater control over the influences that shape their lives, control that comes from having the tools to forge their own future. This year:Seven committed and respected community leaders, primarily women, have stepped up to facilitate decision making in their communities
  • Through their efforts and the Living Roots training and support model, the San Javier Community Cultural Center will celebrate its one year anniversary on February 2nd

Economic Development

To make the ranchero lifestyle sustainable, additional income generation capacity is needed.  An important enabler for additional income is business and financial management capability. Living Roots continues to provide this entrepreneurial training. This year:

  • Nearly $70,000 pesos earned through tourism and product sales entered the local economy
  • 33 community members sold traditional artisan craft through the San Javier Cultural Center and reached new markets
  • 18 sierra residents had direct hands-on experience learning how to manage product sales and interact with customers and tourists

 However, while we are making significant progress, we still have more work to do.

 Youth Engagement

As we know, no culture will survive without the enthusiasm, will and dedication of the next generation.This year:

  • Two young men, ages 17 and 30, have been chosen by the community to manage the San Javier Cultural Center.
  •  The students who walked to visit Dario have been exhibiting photographs, videos and journal entries across the state of Baja California Sur to share their experiences and help spread their passion for who they are and where the come from.
  •  Also, thanks to your support, we have begun a school garden in the San Javier secondary school to give students hands-on skills in organic gardening, composting and seed conservation.

We need your help to continue Youth Programing!

In the coming year, we would like to co-create more programs that get and keep youth excited about the unique culture, environment and lifestyle of Baja’s mountain ranges.  

To develop and grow youth programs, we are seeking to raise $10,000 dollars from people like you, who share our passion for and devotion to helping Baja’s mountain communities develop and thrive on their own terms.  We are already seeing the seeds of a sustainable community emerging and eagerly anticipate the day when the community can be a model for others in Baja.

 Making an end of the year contribution to Living Roots. Donate Now.


 Thank you again for your continued support, you make this grassroots effort possible!


McKenzie Campbell

Director, Co-Founder

P.S. – Continuing the saddle raffle tradition – This year we are working with saddle-maker Luis Arce Arce from Rancho San Gregorio, Sierra San Francisco, to exhibit a Silla Vaquera that is truly a work of art.

To enter to win the saddle, simply add an additional $25 dollars to your end of the year contribution and let us know you would like your name entered in the hat!  The drawing will be held on December 13th at a Holiday Posada/Artisan Fair in Loreto.

5For more pictures of the saddle and an interview with Luis visit Living Roots/Raíces Vivas on Facebook.