Community Mobilization Training for Community Service Organizations

Community Mobilization Training

Village Earth’s Community Mobilization Training can breath new life into your programs, improving the provision of programs and services  by building genuine community engagement.

Do you feel like your organization struggles with how best to engage community members in your programs and services and as a result, you’re missing-out on valuable input and feedback needed to enhance their design and delivery? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of of the community and the task-at-hand and don’t even know where to start? These are common dilemmas that ALL community service organizations encounter at one time or another. If not dealt-with, they can lead to frustration, burnout, and potentially, a loss of purpose, relevance and eventually organizational breakdown.

Since 1993, Village Earth has provided innovative training to organizations around the globe, enabling them to more effectively mobilize communities for collective action. Our 2-day Community Mobilization Training will re-energize your staff and leadership. They’ll learn new principles and practice that will help them reengage with each other and the community, enhancing the impact of your programs while reducing staff frustration and burnout.

Here’s What Past Participants Have Said About Our Training

“To put it mildly, this course has changed the way I view myself in the world.  I have no doubt that it will affect how I conduct myself as a member of a team and as a leader.”

“Community Mobilization is a combination of factors, all of them interrelated and equally important. I am glad this class provided us with a set of tools for mobilizing the community, various models to be applied in different situations. Of course, making the right decision on what tool/method to use in a certain community will make the difference.”

“I discovered that my projects were not at all sustainable (I was aware of it, but I did not know what else can be done). I got new ideas and new understanding of the community, and how they really might be viewing the outside help they are getting.”

“Before taking this course, community mobilization sounded at first as mechanical, stopgap and short term. It is perhaps due to the connotation of the word mobilization being utilized every so often for time-bound purposes like mobilizing soldiers and supplies for war, organizing the youth for HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns or any other types of organizing something for a purpose.  This course made me realize the combined deeper meaning and the challenges of putting it into practice. Challenges because it involves people’s values, culture, religion and individual feelings. It also requires a long term commitment since transformation of a person (or a group) under the yoke of poverty and oppression takes a long process.”

About Village Earth’s Community Mobilization Training

Village Earth understands that all community work takes place within a dynamic and often contested political space; personalities clash, cultural understanding and norms collide, organizational structures and practices can become too rigid or even irrelevant, and priorities can become warped by our obligations to funders or other outside interests. To be truly effective, we believe community organizations must be accountable to the communities they were established to serve. This requires that accountability be incorporated into both your organization’s culture as well as its organizational structure.  To accomplish this, we utilize a popular education approach elicits and builds-upon the wisdom of the group to identify the structures, practices and attitudes that will enable your organization to be both responsive and accountable to your community.

Traning Details

Title: Community Mobilization Training for Community Service Organizations
Format: Interactive Workshop
Duration: 2-days (can be tailored to meet your needs)
Date: Offered upon request
Location: At your facility anywhere in the world or at ours in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Cost: For a quote, call 970-237-3002 ext. 504 or email

Past Clients

Sustainable Schools International
Family Connection Center, Utah
Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA program at Colorado State University
Engineers Without Borders